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2007 Campaign: Still Human Still Here

 Since 2003, refused asylum seekers in the UK have been forced into destitution. Denied the right to work, like all asylum seekers, they are now, with minor exceptions, ineligible for any welfare assistance and access to NHS hospital treatment. Still Human Still Here is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of refused asylum seekers and pressing for amendment of the law in the 2007 UK Borders Bill.

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2006 Campaign: Age matters!

For separated children seeking asylum age is a matter of life and death. Children under 18 are protected by law from being detained or sent back when claiming asylum. It is hard to assess the age of an asylum seeker, even for the best experts in the country. Because of delayed, incompetent or biased age assessment, many unaccompanied underage asylum seekers end up being put through the detention system, unlawfully.
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